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The rise of Shed Homes

Shed homes have seen a gain in popularity around Australia, this is due to the newer stylish designs & afford cost of materials. With many young Australians unable to afford a traditional brick and mortar house or preferring to build a custom shed home that fits their needs.  

But why are shed homes so popular in Australia?

When planning for building a shed home, often people neglect to deeply analysis the site which they pick to build on. Below are some top factors you need to think of when considering sites to build your shed on. 

Environmental hazards

Shed homes in Australia must be built with a consideration of this country in mind. Building your shed home on a floodplain or next to a thick bush with a large fuel load is an error that can be devastating.

Soil Quality & composition

The quality & composition of the site’s soil is key when engineering the foundation and footings. Also, you should consider your soil types for landscaping as a heavy clay and stone may be good for foundations but not your rose bushes 

Site orientation

Consider what areas of your shed home you want to have the morning light in, where you want the view from your kitchen window to be. Orientation plays a large part in the future enjoyment of your house

Zoning restrictions for sheds

What you can and can’t build is often dictated by the zoning of your land. For more information on Shed construction rules, check out our blog concerning shed construction on the Sunshine Coast & the hops you have to jump through

Trees and bushland around your shed

You don’t want to build your shed home under a widow maker of a Gumtree or next to an unkept paddock thick with snakes. It’s easier to put it in the right place then to make it right

Utility access to your shed

Critical for planning and costing. Consider where you have to run cables & pipes for plumbing and electric, & the soil types they have to run them through. Laying phone lines in the granite of Buderim can get expensive

The watershed of your site

Nobody wants their yard to turn into a swamp, make sure your site has the appropriate water flow away from your foundation. You want uniform overland flow away from your shed home, as inconsistencies in the dampness of soil around your shed home can cause your shed’s slab to crack

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