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Need a shed built on the Sunshine Coast?

SGI has been building sheds, garages and carports on the Sunshine Coast for more than 30 years. We are pride ourselves in the fact that a large percentage of new projects are referred to us by previous clients or are previous clients returning for a new product or looking to extend their first.

When building a shed, We stand by the fact that to produce a quality building of any shape or size, quality is essential in 3 main areas…

  • Structural design and integrity (specialised in-house engineering)
  • Quality of all building materials (genuine Australian steel and Colorbond)
  • Construction workmanship (Professional builders and contractors)

Our in-house shed design and engineering service allows for creative, functional and cost effective solutions.

Sheds Sunshine Coast

Sheds Sunshine Coast?

Why use SGI to build your shed?

Superior Garages and Industrials (SGI) is a highly experienced Shed building company specialising in the design and construction of structural steel buildings.

Since it’s establishment in 1983 on the Sunshine Coast, SGI has continued to develop and evolve separating itself from competition by reaching beyond the limitations and services of more traditional companies in it’s field.

Gathering more than 30 years experience in the structural steel building industry our reputation has been built on listening and communicating with our clients, delivering relevant solutions and creating ongoing relationships.

SGI continues to be a major shed builder on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding region offering the highest quality products and contractors available within the industry.

Sheds and Garages

Superior Garages & industrials offer superior quality Sheds built with Australian Steel. our stylish sheds offer protection for your shed, we have a range of sheds to choose from and can even fabricate your custom shed in-house to the size and specs you need.

Superior Garages Offer as the name says superior garages. From single carports to Custom design Steel masterpieces or Steel garages offer what you need. come visit our Sunshine Coast office & factory, where we can design your Garages to your spec.

Our Carport are superior to the rest. we can customise our carport to any size you need and any shape to fit your carport build. Contact us for your Carport Quote and Estimate today

Residential Sheds

SGI has successfully delivered a wide variety of residential projects working closely with owner builders, builders and architects who realise the benefits of pre-fabricated building systems to suit specialised designs. We believe that the construction site should be more a place of assembly while the fabrication of components is taken place in the controlled environment of a factory where they can be delivered to site ready for rapid on-site assembly.

Industrial & Commercial Sheds

SGI are Design/Construct shed specialists, creating industrial and commercial buildings. We offer a full engineering design, detailing, fabrication, construction and project management service in-house.

This will save you time and money both in the preliminary and construction phases of your project offering turnkey solutions.

1. Conception

We believe that communication and understanding are paramount to ensuring your goals, needs and final project outcome meets all your expectations. An initial meeting with our experienced Sales Manager & Estimator is set up to determine if what you have envisioned aligns with council requirements and regulations. Once these requirements have been met we can decide what type of structure would best suit your needs.

Superior Garages and Industrials - Sunshine Coast

2. Project Design & Planning

This is where your initial conceptual ideas turn to real design from which the project is planned. We provide in-house engineering and organize all local government approvals and certification. Approximate project timelines can be established for when you can expect each project phase, We communicate with you through this process and inform you when your project has been approved by council allowing us to start processing and order materials.

Superior Garages and Industrials - Sunshine Coast

3. Processing

Material processing and ordering is handled by our Construction Management team who will also plan and confirm established project timelines. You will be kept up to date either with confirmation that the current schedule can be expected or if there are any adjustments need to be made. Only genuine Colorbond and locally produced steel of the highest quality is used for your project.

Superior Garages and Industrials - Sunshine Coast

4. Construction

All of our builders and contractors have been carefully selected for their experience, passion and attention to detail. They are also fully qualified, insured and compliant with current Work Place Health & Safety requirements.

Superior Garages and Industrials - Sunshine Coast

5. Project Completion

Effective communication throughout each building process assists us in ensuring that upon project completion all your expectation are accounted for. Upon completion a final inspection will be organised with one of our Construction Management Team to confirm complete satisfaction of the final product.

Superior Garages and Industrials - Sunshine Coast

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Gathering more than 30 years experience in the structural steel building industry our reputation has been built on listening and communicating with our clients, delivering relevant solutions and creating ongoing relationships.

SGI continues to be a major shed and garage manufacturer, supplier and builder on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding region offering the highest quality products and contractors available within the industry.

There is no limit to the size or type of building available.  We can build a carport, shed, garage, or an Industrial Shed building. No standard size applies – all jobs are custom designed to suit your needs.

5 Considerations for your shed

Sheds purpose:

Determining how your industrial shed will be used is critical. Will it mostly be used as an equipment shed, storing heavy equipment? Or a workshop, warehouse, or even an art studio, it up to you! Its main use is a determining factor when designing for your shed.

Shed Size & Design:

SGI’s industrial sheds have a wide variety of sizes and designs, from smaller sheds to massive commercial steel constructed sheds. Before designing your shed, you must determine what size best suits your needs.

The minimum height and width must be considered if you intend to store large items like boats or Heavy industrial equipment. Also check your local covenant that may limit the size and designs of your industrial shed.

Shed Foundation Requirements:

The foundation type you require for your industrial shed build is dependent on location and soil type of your site.  As well as building codes and council laws. Poorly laid slabs can result in some serious issues for the future of your sheds foundations, leading to a myriad of other structural issues, greatly decreasing the lifespan of your industrial shed.

Thankfully you can rest easy knowing that our fully qualified construction team will follow the engineered plans to the letter, leaving no chance for something to go wrong with your sheds construction.

Steel Shed Construction:

Steel sheds today can be constructed with a wide range of futuristic material, helping to keep your shed chilled, pest free and tough! Steel built industrial shed buildings are no longer limited in design. These well-crafted industrial structures are fire, rot, termite and decay resistant.

Local Covenants, building codes & council by-laws:

Dealing with Local covenants & council by-laws can be a daunting task to the uninitiated. But at SGI we have years of experience dealing with them. In-fact Superior Garages & Industrials guarantee that all our work is up to code and to the standards of local By-laws, leaving you free to design your dream shed!

Still need convincing?

If you aren’t yet convinced head on over to our blog post about the 5 ways industrial sheds are better investment than houses. Going into detail of the benefits of the low cost of construction and the longer lease terms with higher rates.