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What is the site consideration for a shed home?

When planning for building a shed home, often people neglect to deeply analysis the site which they pick to build on, such as soil quality & zoning restrictions. For some in-depth information for all shed home site considerations check out our blog on “site considerations for building a shed home in Australia” 

What is a Shed home?

Being a relatively new option on the housing market, shed homes are often mistaken as patchy tin boxes with barren interiors. But despite this common misconception the popularity of the shed home is on the rise.

The main difference between “shed homes” and “a shed” is that what we calls shed home are more Steel Built homes. Theses offer the benefits and design capabilities of a shed with the ability to make its homely with the interior layout of your choice.

What are my restrictions when building my shed home?

All our shed homes are custom built to your specifications. As long as it is possible we can make it a reality with your shed home. Sit down with our in house engineers and watch your dream shed home come together

Are shed homes a worthwhile investment alternative?

Shed homes are Definitely a good investment, not only are they low cost and Aesthetically pleasing. Building your shed home with steel gives it adaptability not found in normal houses.

Asides from that your home will be almost fireproof and 100% termite-proof.  

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