Every woman needs her own sanctuary to just escape the noise of life.  The custom built She Shed is the current trend in female sanctuaries. They are the long-anticipated solution to the man cave, enthralling women who long for their own at-home escape.

Many women are taking advantage of building a custom built she shed in their backyards where they can chill, pursue their hobbies, and enjoy entertaining their friends, whereas others have discovered an abandoned area in the house that can be converted into the ideal haven.  It’s simple to create your own custom built she shed. Size can whatever you want it to be, as long as it has space for a comfortable chair, daybed, some sun, power-points so you can have lighting, a bookshelf and a nice rug to warm it up and room to house your hobbies and friends if you want to share you space with others.

Custom built She Shed for the Artist

Imagine yourself in a painter’s haven.  Where your creativity can flow freely, uninterrupted by the outside world.  Lighting is paramount for an art studio, windows and skylights are a wonderful addition to your custom built She Shed.  Room for storage will bring functionality to your art studio.

Paint and relax to your hearts content in your very own little bit of paradise.

Custom built She Shed for the Yoga Enthusiast

With present fast-paced busyness of life and work, there’s never been a more suitable time to choose our own place to nurture our health. A custom built She Shed equipped for your personal health choices enables you to skip the drive to the gym or yoga studio and optimise the amount of time you have for these important activities.

Windows for fresh air and lighting will bring that touch of outdoors into your tranquil surroundings.

Custom built She Shed for the BOSS Woman

With many businesses now being solely online, working from home is now more common than ever before.  Designing a custom built She Shed office ensures that you have a targeted area for your business to be conducted without being distracted by all the other tasks screaming to be completed at home.

Taking into consideration how functional you want your home office to be, thinking about lighting, room for storage a desk, power-points and internet capabilities will allow your space to perform.

Custom built She Shed for the Bookworm

The concept of a book collection is the dream of any literature-lover, so why not let yourself fall deep into a book by creating your own leather-bound custom built She Shed library? You can decorate it with huge, luxurious armchairs, lamps and side tables, you could consider forsaking one of your walls to construct a bookshelf to house all your precious books.

Imagine the perfect amount of lighting and windows to let the sunshine and you may even want to gaze at the stars from your comfortable chair as you ponder the adventures your novel is taking you on.

Superior Garages & Industrial in the Sunshine coast can assist you with any custom built shed to meet your needs no matter what you want to use it for. Come on in for a consultation with our design team and let’s make your Man Cave dreams come true!