Designing with style. Building with steel.

SGI has successfully delivered a wide variety of residential projects working closely with owner builders, builders and architects who realise the benefits of pre-fabricated building systems to suit specialised designs. We believe that the construction site should be more a place of assembly while the fabrication of components is taken place in the controlled environment of a factory where they can be delivered to site ready for rapid on-site assembly.


Building with steel has many positive attributes…

  • Strength and design freedom
  • Fast, efficient and resourceful
  • Space creation
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • Endlessly recyclable


Factory fabrication enables specific tolerances, increased speed of construction and reduced waste. Additionally Work Place Health & Safety risk is reduced while weather and other variables have less of an impact on the overall building process.

SGI utilises 5D (BIM) Building Information Modelling providing 3D structural models which can be viewed by all relevant parties including key contractors. This technology is used on-site through the use of tablets and laptops so key contractors are always up to date with the latest models and information concerning each project.

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