Montville rural shed home




2 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

Laundry Area


Living & Kitchen Area

Living area of less than 90 m² conforms to council requirements of a secondary dwelling in a rural zone. Montville is a spacious 2-bedroom home, with a spacious laundry area and bathroom. Both bedrooms feature built in wardrobes.

  • 89m² living area
  • Environmentally friendly Weathergroove Woodsman 300mm walls (Painted timber colour in the pictures), alternatively talk with our sales about different wall options
  • 6m wide sliding entry doors
  • Corrugated Surfmist colour roof with 60mm wool insulation
  • Powder-coated columns on entry (Gloss white (91019143) colour in the pictures)
  • 150mm half round gutters
  • 90mm PVC down pipes
  • FC sheeting in the soffit

We build our houses with owner builders. To become an owner builder, you will need to pass an owner builder course.

For pricing, please call the Superior Garages and Industrials office and talk with our helpful sales guys.

We can modify the designs to suit, or you are welcome to bring your own Architectural drawings for us to engineer and build.