Kit Homes versus Custom Sheds Homes

Versus Custom Shed Homes

When looking to create your ideal shed it can be tempting to go the “do it yourself” route and order a Kit shed homes online. Unfortunately in most cases what may seem as a simpler and cheaper option can end up being more complicated with a plethora of hidden costs. 

Here in Queensland, and specifically on the Sunshine Coast, there are many specific rules and regulations on design, size and fabrication of sheds and other buildings. While here at Superior Garages and Industrials we ensure compliance with all regulations, if you order a Kit Shed online it may be shipped from Interstate or Overseas and you risk the chance that it won’t pass council inspection or perhaps even be too large for the zoning/size of your property. 

Because we are a local company with many years of experience here on the Sunshine Coast, we are here to help you through every step of your project. Companies that offer Kit homes online, however, can only profit by selling a product and providing minimal assistance.

You don’t have to spend long reading reviews for Kit homes products online before you notice a theme of a total lack of customer support and guidance after you’ve received your (sometimes substandard) product.

Kit Home Construction Hassle 

It’s also common; after arranging for your Kit homes delivery and assembly, to find that your Kit is missing many parts. Stories of customers having to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on screws and other items to finish their project are frequent.

It’s often these hidden costs that aren’t taken into consideration when comparing the price of a Kit homes versus a Superior Custom Shed. And after spending that money, as well as the time and energy on construction, it’s often found that these Kit Sheds fabrication materials are of an inferior quality as well.

Here on the Sunshine Coast we face extreme weather conditions, so it is vital for the safety and longevity of your construction that the highest quality materials are used. If you purchase a Kit homes online, you have no guarantee of the quality and origins of the steel and other materials used. Quite often it won’t be until after you’ve constructed your shed that you discover these inferior qualities, things like the steel flaking, denting and rust.  

Kit Home DIY nightmares

 And sometimes it takes a miracle to construct a Kit Shed in the first instance. You have no assurance that the plans included will provide enough information so that you can safely and confidently construct your shed without significant previous building experience. 

We here at Superior Garages and Industrials can provide a range of custom solutions for whatever purpose your Shed will serve. We provide better value for money for our Custom Sheds compared to Kit Sheds, with customer satisfaction being our top priority.