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Industrial Workshop Builder Sunshine Coast

Need an industrial workshop builder on the Sunshine Coast?
Superior Garages and Industrials are experienced and qualified industrial workshop builders. Our team of building professionals work diligently with each of our clients to ensure that the finalised project is to their satisfaction. We offer a full engineering design, detailing, fabrication, construction and project management services for industrial workshop building projects and are conveniently located on the Sunshine Coast.

At Superior Garages, we offer affordable, unique and customised industrial workshops in the Sunshine Coast region. Our industrial workshops are cost-effective but are still of the quality and standard that you would want. Regardless of the style, layout or size requirements necessary for your industrial workshop, the Superior Garages and Industrials team are confident that we can deliver a finished project that you and your team will be pleased with.

If you are looking for industrial workshop builders on the Sunshine Coast, be sure to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today for a personalised quote. Our dedication to our customers ensures that we take all of your needs and requirements into consideration.

Industrial Workshop Builder Sunshine Coast

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Industrial Workshop Builder Sunshine Coast

Trustworthy Building Professionals

Superior Garages and Industrials are dedicated and professional industrial workshop builders on the Sunshine Coast. We understand and implement local design codes and proven building methods to provide our clients with industrial workshops that suit their needs in terms of business, design, and layouts.

If your business requires industrial workshop builders or an industrial workshop in the Sunshine Coast region, there are several important elements to consider before you begin. This will ensure that all elements of the planning, implementation and building process go as smoothly as possible with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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Choose Superior Garages and Industrials

As Your Industrial Workshop Builder

SGI are Design/Construct specialists, creating industrial and commercial buildings. We offer a full engineering design, detailing, fabrication, construction and project management service in-house.

This will save you time and money both in the preliminary and construction phases of your project, providing lockup stage project solutions for your full industrial building project.

SGI understands that the loss of project productivity through splitting contracts between engineering, fabrication and construction is a preventable cost to our clients. That is why we have invested in (BIM) Building Information Modelling, Detailing and Management technology enabling complete project delivery with the following benefits…

  • Greater accuracy in preliminary costing
  • 3D model design collaboration
  • Integrated design and fabrication detailing
  • Reduced Work Place Health & Safety risk
  • Better planned and managed systems
  • Greater construction efficiency

Looking to invest in an industrial workshop but not sure where to start? Partnering with a reputable, trustworthy builder is a must when building a industrial workshop. As building experts on the Sunshine Coast, we have the necessary knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver an industrial workshop that will benefit you and your business. You can rely on the Superior Garages and Industrials team for your industrial workshop project!

SGI encourages being involved early in the design phase to better understand the project objectives and provide more efficient, accurate designs which affect every phase of design and construction. We work collaboratively with architects and architectural models assisting in clash checking designs before construction begins ensuring more efficient onsite construction.

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Industrial Workshop Builder Sunshine Coast

5 Things to Consider When Building an Industrial Workshop

Shed's Purpose

First, you will need to decide how your industrial workshop will be used, as this is critical. Will it mostly be used as an equipment workshop, storing heavy equipment? Or will it be a project workshop, a warehouse, or even an art studio? While the possibilities are endless, the main use of your industrial workshop is a determining factor when designing it.

Shed Size & Design

As professional industrial workshop builders on the Sunshine Coast, SGI’s industrial workshops have a wide variety of sizes and designs, from smaller sheds to massive industrial steel constructed workshops. Before designing your workshop, you must determine what size best suits your needs.

The minimum height and width must be considered if you intend to store large items like boats or Heavy industrial equipment. Also, check your local covenant as this may limit the size and designs of your industrial workshop.

Foundation Requirements

The foundation type you require for your industrial workshop is dependent on location and soil type of your site.  As well as building codes and council laws. Poorly laid slabs can result in some serious issues for the future of your shed’s foundations, leading to a myriad of other structural issues and greatly decreasing the lifespan of your industrial workshop.

Thankfully, you can rest easy knowing that our fully qualified construction team will follow the engineered plans to the letter, leaving no chance for something to go wrong with the construction of your industrial workshop.

Steel Shed Construction

Today, steel sheds can be constructed with a wide range of housing materials, helping to keep your workshop cool, pest-free and tough, as well as not limited in design. Steel built industrial buildings are no longer limited in design. These well-crafted industrial structures are fire-, rot-, termite- and decay-resistant.

Local Covenants, Building Codes & Council by-Laws

Dealing with local covenants and council by-laws can be a daunting task to the uninitiated. But at SGI, we have years of experience dealing with them. In-fact Superior Garages & Industrial’s guarantee that all our work is up to code and to the standards of local by-laws, leaving you free to design your dream industrial workshop!

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Industrial Workshop Builder

Our Building Process

SGI has successfully delivered a wide variety of projects working closely with builders and architects who realise the benefits of prefabricated building systems to suit specialised designs. We believe that the construction site should be more a place of assembly while the fabrication of components is taken place in the controlled environment of a factory where they can be delivered to site ready for rapid on-site assembly.

Each element of our planning, processing and construction process is carefully managed by relevant team members managing a project. This ensures that your industrial workshop project goes ahead as planned. For a more detailed look at how we handle our projects, see our step-by-step process below.

Industrial Workshop Builder Sunshine Coast

Our Building Process

We believe that communication and understanding are paramount to ensuring your goals, needs and final project outcome meets all your expectations. An initial meeting with our experienced Sales Manager & Estimator is set up to determine if what you have envisioned aligns with council requirements and regulations. Once these requirements have been met we can decide what type of structure would best suit your needs.

This is where your initial conceptual ideas turn to real design from which the project is planned. We provide in-house engineering and organize all local government approvals and certification. Approximate project timelines can be established for when you can expect each project phase, We communicate with you through this process and inform you when your project has been approved by council allowing us to start processing and order materials.

Material processing and orders are handled by our Construction Management team who will also plan and confirm established project timelines. You will be kept up to date either with confirmation that the current schedule can be expected or if there are any adjustments need to be made. Only genuine Colorbond and locally produced steel of the highest quality is used for your project.

All of our builders and contractors have been carefully selected for their experience, passion and attention to detail. They are also fully qualified, insured and compliant with current Work Place Health & Safety requirements.

Effective communication throughout each building process assists us in ensuring that upon project completion all your expectation are accounted for. Upon completion, a final inspection will be organised with one of our Construction Management Team to confirm complete satisfaction of the final product.

Industrial workshop Builder Sunshine Coast

Industrial Workshop Builder

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