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How to select the perfect shed to suit all your needs.

Custom designed sheds offer a huge variety of choices. While having design freedom is at your fingertips it can also be a daunting task ensuring you have made the right choices and selected the right style of shed to suit all your needs. Superior Garages & Industrials (SGI) have been custom designing and Building sheds for more than 30 years and can guide you every step of the way from initial costings, planning and approvals through to project completion. Through our decades of experience we have established a few simple steps you can take to help with your decisions when it comes to creating your custom design and feel confident it will be perfect for what you need.

Step 1 – You need to select a space on your property where you would like to build your shed. Measure the space and write down all you measurements so you can create an accurate plan.

  • At this early stage take note of any potential problems you may face either with building or later with any maintenance issues. Are there large trees around and overhanging your proposed site. Are there underground services you need to locate before digging foundations.
  • There are many different possibilities for what you shed can be used for. Is it going to be a work shop and create unwanted noise pollution to your dwelling. Is it going to be a guest stay or Granny flat where you may want a more private setting. These things should also be taken into consideration when selecting your site.
  • Take note of nearby buildings, boundaries or drainage easements. This is all important information when it comes to getting council building approvals.

Step 2 – Write down a list of everything you may want to use the shed for. Include a list of everything you would like to fit into the shed especially if it is being used for storage. Measure all these items as well.

  • Include all shelving, benches and worktables.
  • Also include everything that will not be stored on shelves or benches such as mowers, ladders, tool boxes, cars, bikes, furniture etc.
  • Will you require power, lighting, water, sewage or gas to be supplied to the shed.
  • Will you require natural light? Windows and glass sliding doors can assist with this but also consider clear perspex roof panels or solar lighting if you do not want/need to connect your shed to the mains electricity.
  • Would you benefit from extra height walls and a mezzanine level for extra space.

Step 3 – Calculate the best shape and size to suit your needs.

  • Create scaled paper cutouts of everything on your list above that you wish to store in your shed. Choose a scale to suit the size of your building. (1:10 – 10cm = 1m) (1:100 – 1cm =1m) Arrange them out on a piece of paper in you preferred layout. Draw lines around the perimeter of your layout to work out the dimensions you require. Do these fit in with the space you measured out for your shed in step 1?
  • Remember to include room to walk around projects if it is being used as a work shop.
  • If you are needing to reduce the size of the floor plan to fit in a required space, look at increasing the height of your shed to include a mezzanine level as mentioned above, or alternate storage solutions like hanging bikes from hooks etc.

Step 4 – Don’t forget to include any extras you may require.

  • Would you like to store the water from your shed roof. Installing a water tank is relatively inexpensive and would assist in your shed being self sufficient.
  • Your shed does not have to necessarily look like a shed. SGI install a wide range of different wall claddings if you are looking to match your existing house or building.
  • SGI use genuine Colorbond and Zincalume products. Colorbond and Zincalume products offer a strong, durable and cost effective cladding solutions with a large range of different colours available. Below is a link to the Genuine Colorbond colour chart…
  • Consider a Personal door for easy access instead of relying on roller doors. Glass windows and Sliding doors are also a good option for air ventilation and light especially if being used as a liveable space.
  • An awning or carport can be a useful additional space which can be easily installed during construction for relatively minimal cost.

Step 5 – Arrange to come in and see SGI to discuss your plans.

  • We have more than 30 Years experience at Superior Garages and Industrials in building custom designed sheds and garages with no limit to design shape or size.
  • Come in and see our indoor display centre for inspiration.
  • Whether it be a residential shed or garage or an industrial building we have a solution to suit your needs.
  • In house engineering can save you time and money. Discuss specific design questions or issues with our in-house structural engineer.
  • You have made the decision to build your perfect shed. There is nothing worse than being left in the dark with when things will happen and who will be arriving at your property and when. At SGI our experienced project management team keep you informed every step of the way. You will be kept up to date with each process and informed of when you can expect our fully licensed and insured contractors and builders to be onsite to perform their tasks.

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