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Wind Rating For Your Shed

Wind rating for your shed If you're looking to put up a shed a number of factors are likely to be considered. A wind score is one aspect you might not have thought about. Continue reading to learn what a wind score is, how it affects your choice of shed, and why it matters. What’s ...

Queensland Farmers – Are You Ready For Rain?

Queensland Farmers – Are You Ready For Rain? There are so many unpredictable challenges that farmers spend the majority of their year trying to manage, one being destructive weather.  Why would they leave their prized assets outside or in an unprotected shed? Queensland weather can be brutal with high winds and drenching rain that can ...

Building your Shed with Superior Garages

Building your Shed with Superior Garages & Industrials With over 30 years’ experience in the structural steel building industry, Superior Garage & Industrial’s solid reputation has been built on being attentive and openly communicating with our clients, providing relevant solutions and developing ongoing relationships. SGI continues to lead the way as a Shed & Garage ...


Benefits of Building an Industrial Shed: Having your own shed, designed specifically designed to suit your commercial needs. Work productively and efficiently in your personally designed premises. Stop paying rent for premises you’ll never own. A Commercial building is an asset you can use for your own business to grow or rent it out to ...

Industrial Sheds – Sunshine Coast

Superior Garages and Industrials are experts in the construction and design of Commercial and Industrial buildings here in the Sunshine Coast.  By using an in-house team of specialists for: Project management Construction Full engineering design Fabrication Detailing, So, if you are looking to for a commercial shed builder in the Sunshine Coast, we can offer ...

Benefits of Pre-fabricated industrial construction

Eco-friendly: not only does factory construction make better use of energy, they also eliminate a lot of material waste. With the offcuts of extra materials not just being discarded on site or put into the skip bin. with factory prefabrication, we can often recycle/upcycle materials that would have been wasted in traditional onsite construction   …


Sunshine Coast Council rules for sheds

Dealing with the Sunshine Coast Local Council can be a headache of a task for the unfamiliar. At Superior Garages and Industrials (SGI) we are experts with the ins & outs of the Sunshine Coast council & Queensland Building and Construction Commission. According to the Sunshine Coast Councils website regarding sheds, if you sunshine coast …


Sheds Sunshine Coast | Steel Shed Homes | Liveable Sheds Sunshine Coast

Sheds Sunshine Coast Sheds Sunshine Coast | Steel Shed Homes | Liveable Sheds Sunshine Coast Need a good shed design that looks great for your home or business? Superior Garages & Industrial’s offers practical solutions to all your shed requirements. We have shed designs that can be customized to your individual needs, whilst still looking fantastic. …


Building a Shed or Garage on the Sunshine Coast

Building a Shed or Garage on the Sunshine Coast? Things you should consider before choosing a building company. SHEDS SUNSHINE COAST Are you getting exactly what you ask for? When building a custom designed shed or garage it is important to know that when it is complete the shed or garage will be exactly what ...