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No Hidden Fees

A huge part of the Culture of SGI is the pride we take in our work and honesty of our staff. You can always expect superior standards from our contractors, tradespeople & staff. With over 30 years of experience in the shed building industry, we have seen it all. And something that has served us …


10 Reasons to Design and Build with Steel

10 Reasons to Design and Build with Steel Steel provides several advantages over other more traditional building materials. However, it seems that most of that knowledge remains unknown for many people since not everyone is familiar with the construction industry. With this in mind, below are listed the top 10 reasons why a steel building …


Bluescope Lysaght steel building products

Bluescope Lysaght  PREMIUM STEEL BUILDING PRODUCTS Bluescope LYSAGHT® are a trusted name in Australian steel with a reputation for producing steel products of the highest quality. LYSAGHT® have one of Australia's largest range of  premium steel building products for both Architectural and structural applications. LYSAGHT® guarantee all steel building products they manufacture are 100% Australian made steel. All ...