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No Hidden Fees

A huge part of the Culture of SGI is the pride we take in our work and honesty of our staff. You can always expect superior standards from our contractors, tradespeople & staff. With over 30 years of experience in the shed building industry, we have seen it all. And something that has served us …


Site Considerations for building A shed Home in Australia

The rise of Shed Homes Shed homes have seen a gain in popularity around Australia, this is due to the newer stylish designs & afford cost of materials. With many young Australians unable to afford a traditional brick and mortar house or preferring to build a custom shed home that fits their needs.   But …


Sunshine Coast Council rules for sheds

Dealing with the Sunshine Coast Local Council can be a headache of a task for the unfamiliar. At Superior Garages and Industrials (SGI) we are experts with the ins & outs of the Sunshine Coast council & Queensland Building and Construction Commission. According to the Sunshine Coast Councils website regarding sheds, if you sunshine coast ...

10 Reasons to Design and Build with Steel

10 Reasons to Design and Build with Steel Steel provides several advantages over other more traditional building materials. However, it seems that most of that knowledge remains unknown for many people since not everyone is familiar with the construction industry. With this in mind, below are listed the top 10 reasons why a steel building …


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling Changing the way we build Structural Building Information Modelling is changing the way we approach Design and Construct projects allowing us greater control and flexibility throughout each stage of a project. Superior Garages & Industrials have been utilising (BIM) on all major residential, Industrial and Commercial  projects for a few years now ...