Benefits of Pre-fabricated industrial construction


  • Eco-friendly: not only does factory construction make better use of energy, they also eliminate a lot of material waste. With the offcuts of extra materials not just being discarded on site or put into the skip bin. with factory prefabrication, we can often recycle/upcycle materials that would have been wasted in traditional onsite construction


  • Financial saving: with fewer chances for mistakes to be made in the factory, the chances of an unexpected budget blowout due to a delay with construction due to weather or site access issues is hugely reduced


  • Consistent quality: with all construction happening in a controlled manufacturing environment, your build will avoid all the pressures of onsite fabrication. And with each component built in the all-weather resistant factory, gives the ability for our engineers to perform quality checks throughout without having to visit the site regardless of mother nature or access issues.


  • Reduced site disruptions: with just the fabricated components needing to be delivered the tradespeople on your job site will be free from interruptions


  • Less trucking/delivery to site: not only are the workmen on site interrupted less, you will also have less stress worrying about the delivery to the build site, and keeping the materials stored safely on site as well.


  • Safety: not only are our tradespeople sun safe working in the weatherproof factory, the total risk during the construction is massively reduced as a lot of worksite injuries are related to environmental factors


  • Shorter construction time: not only does factory construction vastly improve build time & quality of the construction, the tradesmen are working in a familiar environment and can really get in the grove. Also, the onsite time required to erect the prefabbed parts is tiny compared to onsite fabrication Just see the video below of one of our prefab walls going up in a minute