6 ways to use your Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast



Shed homes on the Sunshine Coast have never been more accessible – with beautiful designs at affordable costs.

For people who think, “I could never live in a small shed home,” shed homes have a wide range of other uses, particularly here on the Sunshine Coast where we enjoy a mild climate year round.

Shed homes don’t require nearly as much time or resources to build, and fit nicely in gardens or even on a holiday property.

Shed homes all over the Sunshine Coast are being put to great use as a space for work, relaxation, or to host visiting family members.

This article walks through 6 creative uses for a shed home on the Sunshine Coast that you may not have considered yet!

Shed Home use 1)

 Shed Home as an Office

Working from home seems like living the dream. But it can be more difficult than it seems, with a multitude of distractions and limited space to utilize as an office. It can be hard to seclude yourself and get stuck into your work.

Whether it’s your children not giving you a break or the couch calling your name. Creating a shed home can give you the distraction-free zone you need, allowing you to be more productive and focus on your work. As much as this is appealing, it can be very expensive to build an extension on your home or a stand-alone office space.

Making it a daunting task that can seem almost out of reach.

This is where utilizing a custom designed shed home can make all the difference. Shed homes have flexible designs and are affordable to build. Creating a purpose-built shed home on the Sunshine Coast could be the perfect solution to finding a space you can focus in when working from home. Building your very own shed home to use as a home office is now more affordable than ever. Shed homes come with a variety of options to create a comfortable workspaces.

There are very few reasons not take the plunge and finally invest in your own shed home to use as a home office. Join the 1000s of people on the Sunshine Coast using their shed home as an office!

Shed Home use 2)

Shed Home as a Tech-zone

It’s easy in this day and age to end up in a situation where technology controls us rather than the other way around – the abundance of internet-connected gadgets can start to wreak havoc on quality family time.

Many people on the Sunshine Coast are using their shed homes as their dedicated tech-zone -somewhere they go to watch TV, access the internet, or for gaming, leaving the family home a place for quality time.

Shed homes on the Sunshine Coast are creating a better balance for families and making people assess the attention they pay to real-life experiences and relationships.

Shed Home use 3)

Shed Home as a Workshop

Shed homes are giving people all over the Sunshine Coast a workshop of their own to pursue hobbies & projects. Whether you are an avid woodworker who wants space for a lathe and sanding belt to create amazing wooden pieces of art and furniture.

A crafty artist who wants space for canvas’s, easels, and somewhere peaceful to create. Or a motorhead who wants their own hoist to fine tune the car or work on your motorbikes. Having a shed home that’s custom designed as a workshop, can make all the difference in allowing you to follow your passions. With a dedicated shed home for your workshop, imagine what you could create.

People all over the Sunshine Coast are finding it easier to get on with their projects in their very own shed homes. With a shed home, building a workshop is easy and affordable. Allowing you to invest more into the things that matter to you. Join the 1000’s of people on the Sunshine Coast using their shed home as a workshop.

Shed Home use 4)

 Shed Home as a Shop Front/Home Business

 Finding a Shop Front to lease on the Sunshine Coast that won’t break the bank is getting harder and harder. As our population booms, more businesses flood into the area, making it very competitive and driving leasing costs through the roof. You know you have the skills and drive to make your business flourish.

But how can you afford to get things started?

Maybe it’s time to consider building your very own shed home? Shed homes are more affordable than you would think!

Whether you are a Hairdresser, Massage therapist, Mechanic or anything in between. Building your own shed home and using it as a shop is now cheaper than ever before, allowing you to start your business without all the daunting overheads that come with renting. Shed home designs are now blending in with even the most modern buildings. Why not build your shed home as a shop front for your Sunshine Coast business?. Shed homes are being used as home business areas all over the Sunshine Coast. Join the growing community of people on the Sunshine Coast thinking outside the box with their purpose built shed homes.

Shed Home use 5)

 Shed Home as a Backyard Retreat

Building an extension on your home on the Sunshine Coast or building a granny flat can be very expensive. But you want somewhere for your guests to stay and family to feel comfortable when they come to visit. Creating a self-contained liveable shed home is a great way to create guest accommodation that will keep your friends and family coming back to visit the Sunshine Coast again and again.

Designing a shed home makes having your own granny flat an affordable option. Building a shed home to use as a retreat can even give you a return on your investment – with the ability to short-term rent your space on apps like Air BnB, putting money back in your pocket. Build a shed home to use as a backyard retreat on the Sunshine Coast and reap the rewards! Extra room for your guests or extra pocket money! Shed homes are being used as AirBnB rental all over the Sunshine Coast.

Shed Home use 6)

Shed Home for Home-schooling

Homeschooling children can be hard; especially trying to keep children focused while they are in their own home surrounded by their toys and games. A shed home can be the perfect solution. Shed homes can easily be set up and used as a dedicated room for homeschooling. A dedicated shed home for their school tasks can help differentiate between play time and learning time.

Parents all over the Sunshine Coast are finding that using their shed homes for home schooling is helping to keep the kids more focused -as well as adding that element of excitement!


The next time you see get the urge to build you’re a shed home, but aren’t quite sure if you could live in one full-time, it’s worth remembering that there are plenty of uses for shed homes on the Sunshine Coast. Shed homes don’t only have to be used as a full time place of residence. What would use your shed home on the Sunshine Coast for?!